Meridian Health Protocol Review


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Meridian Health Protocol Review

Ever heard about Acupressure, pressure points or meridian points? Lots of people say that they are cured of cancer by this therapy. Do you believe that a little pressure could relieve deadly diseases? What makes treatments like this more power to attack the tumors and cure cancer? Now, this is a contradicting statement to the fact that diseases can be cured only by drugs and surgeries. Come on! Let’s discover the truth behind the pressure points.

The Ancient Chinese imagined the human body as levels of energy fields. These different levels have a specific path to travel. These paths they call as meridians. When these paths face any blockage, the energy will not be travelling uniformly and thus causes illness.

The Meridian Health Protocol has mapped out the meridian points just as in the traditional Chinese method of healing. This program very clearly shows you the steps to trigger your meridian points. As long as the energy flows in its way without any blockages, your body can heal itself. Invading germs will not stand a chance to settle in your body.

What is Meridian Health Protocol?

The Meridian Health Protocol is a traditional healing technique brought to your doorstep from the ancient Chinese. The Ancient Chinese have analyzed and found out the meridian paths that are not visible to the naked human eye. We can now trace out the energy flow in our body parts with our modern experiments. And to our surprise, the paths traced out with the conducted experiments coincide with the traditional Chinese meridians.

This program has been brought up by George Bridgham. He wanted every people around the globe to know and benefit from the meridian points. He approached Master Lim, who is a renowned practitioner in Singapore, to set up a program which can help people to heal themselves and their loved ones. Be it a common cold or a severe illness; this program will trigger your body towards self-healing.

How does it work?

In the Chinese method of healing, they will not look at the specific organ that is causing trouble. This treatment will analyze your entire body and look for solutions within the human body. The human body is nothing but different energy levels, and there is always energy movement throughout your body. When there is an obstacle for the energy to flow in its path, it causes ailments.

These paths, which are called meridians, are listed in this protocol. They have also mentioned the amount of pressure to give on these meridian points to make it function better. When you apply the required amount of pressure on the meridian points, they get activated, and the energy starts to flow.

This protocol has the secret to cure many diseases without any medications. People who have arthritis will be relieved from their excruciating pain with gentle pressure on the meridians. It is not even expensive, like your other treatments.

Obesity no longer needs the intake of drugs and hours of workouts. This ebook has the right dosage of every nutrient-rich food to add in your diet every day. With just 5 minutes of simple exercise, you can burn all those fat from your muscles.

Meridian Health Protocol Review

What will you get?

  • This program explains to you about your meridian points. It provides you with steps to activate these meridian points and smoothen the energy flow in your body.
  • These points are not precisely on the problem area itself, so you need not worry about pain on your body. The meridian point maybe somewhere on the path of the energy in your muscles.
  • The ebook provides the proper food diet and exercises to follow. It will keep you healthy and lead a pleasant life.
  • This program guides to perform the traditional Chinese way of healing at your house without the help of any specialists
  • The cure for cancer, diabetes, arthritis is right here in this program without the use of any form of drugs. All you need is a gentle massage on the meridian points as told by Master Lim.
  • This way of healing, followed by Chinese philosophers is now a proven concept.
  • The pressure on the meridians will not allow unwanted cholesterol to store in your body. It will also help you melt the cholesterol in your body and keeps you fit.
  • You get a workbook with this set with which you can create your daily routine. It outlines your diet and exercises to enhance your immune system. You can also journal your experiences and healing activities in this workbook. 


  • It is an ancient method which is followed for many years to treat deadly diseases.
  • Be it a starting stage or even a severe manifestation of the disease; this book will stop spreading of the disease and cures it.
  • It is a natural and easy way of self-healing. There is no intake of any pharmaceutical drugs.
  • This therapy has no age limit. It is safe with children, aged persons and pregnant women.
  • There is no need for any specialist to perform this healing method.
  • You should only spend 5 minutes per day at your home to benefit from this program.
  • You can carry out this program along with your other medications.
  • It is just a one-time investment for the treatment of your ailments. You can get relief from your daily dosage of drugs.


  • Its an online product and is not available offline.
  • You cannot expect overnight results.
  • One must go through the protocol fully to carry out this healing process.

Meridian Health Protocol Review


Meridian Health Protocol is a bold initiative by George Bridgeham to spread traditional Chinese treatments. The Chinese Philosophers were clear enough to trace out the energy levels and their paths to heal any illness. This protocol talks about Master Lim’s methods, who has been practicing it for many years to diseases.

With the help of this guide, you can learn the ancient healing methods by yourself. It will also guide you to do it for your kith and kins suffering from any illness.

This program is very cheap as compared to other clinical treatments. It is an exciting offer because you don’t need any specialist to perform this treatment on you. Buy this kit just once and learn the step by step procedures. Then you are ready for your self-healing.

Meridian Health Protocol Review

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